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ICTAC 2010 - Social

Social Reception

As part of the schedule of the conference, a reception will be held Wednesday 01, September 2010, 06:00 PM at Imirá Plaza.

Conference Diner

The conference diner will be held Thursday 02, September 2010 at Sal e Brasa restaurant. A shuttle will pick up participants at the Imirá's hotel at 08:00 PM to the restaurant and departs to the Hotel at 10:00 PM.

Optional Schedule

Some entertainement options are offered and should be booked in advance (see Booking section below). Each option has a price and a minimum of interested persons. An updated spreadsheet in Google Docs will keep you informed regarding the number of participants and if we will be able to confirm the trip. Moreover, if you booked any of the trips, you will be mailed as soon as we get the minimum number of persons in the trip.

Friday Night in Natal

If you would like to go out on Friday night 03, September 2010, we suggest the Rastapé dancing club, where you will have the opportunity to dance with our regional music, forró.

- Dates: 03/09/2010
- Duration: 3 hours
- Departure: 10:00 PM
- Arrival: 01:00 AM
- Price: R$ 25,00 per person (Excludes ticket for Rastapé, which costs R$10,00)
- Minimum of ten person.

Buggy trip along the north coast in Natal

Credits to Alexandre Machado

Credits to Marcelo Medeiros

The famous buggy trip takes you to the beautiful beaches of Redinha, Santa Rita, Jenipabu, Barra do Rio, Graçandu, Pitangui and finally Jacumã. As the most exciting part of the trip, we'll climb the dunes of Jenipabu and riding through the dunes, stopping at three great freshwater lagoons — Genipabu, Pitangui and Jacumã, which were formed by the accumulation of water from rain over the dunes. There will also be time to swim in areas with bars and other leisure infrastructure.

- Dates: 31/08/2010 and 04/09/2010
- Duration: Full-day
- Departure: 09:00 AM
- Arrival: 04:00 PM
- Price: R$ 240,00 per buggy
- Maximum of four persons per buggy.

Maracajaú Snorkeling

Credits to elrentaplats

Maracajaú is located about 50km from Natal and it takes just one hour to get there. Is one of the best area for snorkeling and diving, near Natal.

There is a big area of reefs named Parrachos de Maracajaú (7km from the coast), an area of 13km2, with a deep varying between 1,8m and 3,2m, during low tide. The water temperature is in average 26°C. It has a rich marine fauna and flora turning the region to an enormous natural aquarium.

During the trip you wil be able to visit the beaches of Maracajaú, Punaú and Zumbi.

- Date: 31/08/2010
- Duration: Full-day
- Departure: 08:00 AM
- Price: R$ 105,00 per person (including snorkeling equipment)
- Minimum of ten person.

Pipa Beach Tour

Credits to elrdo

Credits to Edgley Cesar

We'll travel 90 km to the town of Tibau do Sul, where you’ll find the breathtaking Pipa beach. It is one of the top attractions on the Brazilian coastline and ranked among the country’s top ten beaches. Its surroundings are a dazzling combination of cliffs and a preserved forest called Mata Atlantica, varying from the Amazon rainforest and existing along some parts of the Brazilian coast. We'll stop at Cacimbinhas Beach for swimming. We’ll also walk through the village of Pipa to visit its quaint shops. During the trip you will be able to visit the beaches of Tibau do Sul, Cacimbinha, Ponta do madeiro, Pipa and Amor (Love).

- Dates: 31/08/2010
- Duration: Full-day
- Departure: 08:00 AM
- Arrival: 05:00 PM
- Price: R$ 45,00 per person
- Minimum of ten person.

Pirangi Snorkeling

Credits to elrentaplats

Pirangi is a beach near to Natal, just 30 minutes from the Hotel. As the Maracajaú Snorkeling, you will be able navigate at calm waves and after you'll usufruct the gorgeous dive through clear water where you will see beautiful corails and fishes.

The boats have bars inside them, where you can find the famous Hula-Hula (a delicious cocktail inside a pineapple), beer, water, tidbits, among others. There are masks, snorkel and rubber sandals to rent, providing better visibility and security in your dives. All the promenades are filmed in VCR tapes that show just not the film of your personal promenade, but also a documentary about Natal. This tape can be obtained in the end of the tour or delivered in your hotel.

- Date: 04/08/2010
- Duration: Full-day
- Departure: 08:00 AM
- Price: R$ 70,00 per person
- Minimum of ten person.

Excludes (For all trips)

- Meals and Drinks
- Personal expenses and optional activity costs

Please note

- We recommend you bring the following items: sunscreen, sunglasses, a swimsuit, sandals, a towel, and hiking boots or tennis shoes.


- If you want to make a reservation, please send an email to ictac2010+social@gmail.com with the subject "ICTAC - SOCIAL - Reservation - Your Name". In the message, please, specify which of those trips you would like to join.
- Note that reservations will be closed from 24h before departure for each trip.